Shelbyville Sprint Triathlon Results

I’ll give a full race report tomorrow, but here’s my official results from yesterday’s race:

Swim – 7:16.6 (31:36 min/mile pace)
T1 – 2:00.3
Bike – 36:49.8 (19.6 mph)
T2 – 1:04.4
Run – 23:38.0 (7:37 min/mile pace)
TOTAL – 1:10:49.1

Goal was to beat last year’s overall time, which was 1:13:41…so mission accomplished.

Here’s my comparison vs. last year’s race, numbers in parentheses represent time difference from last year:

  2009 2010  
Swim 0:08:14 0:07:17  (-0:57)
T1 0:01:25 0:02:00  (+0:35)
Bike 0:36:56 0:36:50  (-0:06)
T2 0:00:39 0:01:04  (+0:25)
Run 0:26:26 0:23:38  (-02:48)
Total 1:13:41 1:10:49  (-0:02:52)

So my times for each discipline were faster, but my transitions were slower (for a reason)…more details on this tomorrow!

Here’s how I stacked up against the rest of the field:

Swim – 6th out of 8 in my age group, 33nd out of 88 overall
T1 -2nd out of 8 in my age group, 10th out of 88 overall
Bike – 3rd out of 8 in my age group, 10th out of 88 overall
T2 – 5th out of 8 in my age group, 38th out of 88 overall
Run – 4th out of 8 in my age group, 21st out of 88 overall
TOTAL – 4th out of 8 in my age group, 14th out of 88 overall

As you can see, I’m in a really strong age group (30-34). My overall time would have been good enough to win the 20-24 or 25-29 age groups!

Finishing in the top 15% isn’t bad, especially considering that I’ve been building my aerobic endurance over the last 3 months with very little time spent on my anaerobic capacity…which is what is used for a sprint distance race like this.

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