Shelbyville Sprint Triathlon

Sunday morning’s race in Shelbyville will be my first Triathlon of the 2010 season. It’s a short race and I’ve labeled it as a Priority C race…meaning that it’s not the race that my training is focused on. However, I’m really excited about the race and I’ll give 100% from start to finish!

The races consists of a 400 yard swim in an indoor pool, followed by a 12 mile bike and then a 5K run.

The main reason that I’m doing this race is because I competed in it last year and I want to see how I have improved over the last year.

Here’s my times for last year:

Swim: 8:14.20 (35:48 min/mile pace)
T1: 1:25.0
Bike: 36:56.8 (19.5 miles/hr)
T2: 0:39.4
Run: 26:26.0 (8:32 min/mile)
TOTAL: 1:13:41.4

I feel confident that my swim and run times will be faster…so if I can maintain my pace from last year on the bike, I should see an improvement in my overall time.

Forecast is calling for low 40’s and rain…should be interesting!!!

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