The last two weeks haven’t been/won’t be very productive from a training standpoint. I got in a good run last Wednesday, then got on a plane to Vegas. During my 5 days and 5 nights there, I was only able to squeeze in one short (7 miles) run. After flying back all day Monday, yesterday was my first day of training after doing nothing for 4 out of 5 days. Wasting away in Vegas combined with the jet lag associated with a 3 hour time change, made for a tough workout yesterday…and today wasn’t much better.

I’ve got my first triathlon of the season this Sunday morning and that’s on the heals of a quick 2-day trip to Miami this Friday and Saturday. Needless to say, I’m not exactly feeling good about the race. On top of all of this, I seem to be getting a little bit of a virus in the form of a head full of mucus…which doesn’t make it very easy to breathe when training. Is that enough excuses???

1h15m on the bike. 45 minute spin class with some zone 2 riding before and after. I was sweating like someone that had big bucks on Michigan State in that game against Maryland on Sunday (it was a close game if you don’t know what I’m talking about). My heart rate was higher than it should have been and I never really felt comfortable on the bike. This is all to be expected after not spinning the wheels for over a week!

Swam 1104yd in 24:00
5 minute warm-up with some drills, then two 408yd (as close to 400yd as I can get) intervals. 400 yards is the distance of the swim portion of the race this Sunday, so I wanted to see how my time looked. Completed the first interval in 7:12 and the second in 7:15 (this is 25 seconds slower than what I did a month ago). Finished with a few minutes of cool-down.

Ran 12.95 miles in zone 2. Time was 1:46:09 (8:11 min/mile). This is about 15-20 seconds slower per mile than I thought I was running, which isn’t a good sign. I actually felt pretty good during the run, but I guess my body wasn’t quite ready for this one!
Average HR = 155 bpm

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