Shelbyville Tri Series Race #2

This Sunday will be the second of four sprint distance races held in Shelbyville, KY. While it was a little chilly for the first race, the weather was really not a factor. The forecast (depending on who you trust) is calling for temperatures right around freezing Sunday morning and a 30-50% chance of rain/snow overnight Saturday into Sunday. So it could be interesting out there!
If there is snow on the ground I assume that the bike portion of the race would be cancelled since this is what has been done in the past. I really hope that the forecasts are incorrect and it’s just cold. I really don’t want this already very short race to become even shorter. Plus, I consider the bike leg to be my strongest of the three, so eliminating it wouldn’t do me any favors.
Just like the race last month, this triathlon is in reverse order. It starts out with a 5K run, then a 12 mile bike, followed by a 400 yard swim.
The hills on the bike really took their toll on me last time out, so I’ve done a few more hill repeats in the last few weeks, but I don’t expect to see a big change yet. I’m planning to suffer. It’s a sprint, so there’s really no pacing or heart rate monitoring involved. It’s pretty much go as hard as you can from the starting gun (or yell) until you hit that pool wall on the final lap.
I’m going to shoot for a time around an hour and five minutes…we’ll see how it goes.
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