Weight Training

I typically lift weights 3-4 times a week depending on my schedule. Weight lifting used to be the only thing I did at the gym, but it’s taken a back seat since I started doing triathlons at the end of last summer. Instead of lifting to get bigger, I now lift to improve strength in my muscles and joints. Lighter weights and more reps have replaced the loaded up barbells that I could only push a few reps out of.

I’ve also increased the amount of core strengthening exercises that I do. In the past, I would spend maybe 30 minutes a week on abs, all in one day. Now it’s a part of every weight lifting session I do. I mix in abdominal and lower back exercises in between sets of larger muscle groups. Core strength training improves power in swimming, and capabilities with uphill climbing and sprint cycling as well. Core strength training will also help prevent injury and will keep me in better shape by strengthening my entire body.

Typical weight lifting routine:
Mondays – Chest & Tri’s
Tuesdays – Back & Biceps
Wednesdays – Legs (not so much right now with all the extra running)
Fridays – Shoulders & Traps

Today’s Training:
Swam 864 yards (16 yards short of a half mile).
Time was 16:23 (33:22/mile pace)

This is a full minute faster than I did the same distance in the same pool last week…don’t ask me why.

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