They all can’t be good days…

It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time for a long run. This morning’s run was 7 loops around the Mall St. Matthew’s, which equals approximately 8.54 miles (each loop is 1.22 miles). I felt slow from the first stride…and never got into a good rhythm. Not sure why, but it was just one of those runs, it never felt good. This was obvious in my time, which was 1:08:33 (8:01/mile pace). I pushed through and managed to never slow my time per loop to over 10 minutes. My best loop was 9:20, worst was 9:58.

Weights only tomorrow, then a short recovery run on Saturday. Hopefully next Thursday’s long run will be more enjoyable!

Speaking of running…uhhh…what do you make of this?!?!?

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