What’s that smell?

It’s the Ohio River!

So they’ve pushed back the start of tomorrow morning’s swim 90 minutes, so it will be around 10:15 before I’m in the water. This means I get to sleep a little longer!

Spent about 15 minutes in the pool this morning working on a few drills, just to get the muscles moving again. I did some bilateral breathing for a few laps, but I’m still not confident enough to try this in the river. The plan is to breath every other stroke, mainly to my left side, mixing in some right side breathing if I can (how many people there are around me and how choppy the water is will be the determining factors).

If I swim at the same pace I did at the tri last weekend, my time for the 1.2 miles tomorrow will be around 48 minutes…so I’m shooting for anything under that.

Here are some pics from the Tri Indy…

Transition area before the race – that’s a lot of bikes! (copyright Express Digital Graphics Inc.)

Me in the canal – body position actually looks pretty good! (pic from Sona)

Me exiting the swim – heading to T1 (another Sona pic)

In the midst of T1…White Lightning eagerly awaits! (another Sona pic)

Back to transition area after 24.8 on the bike (copyright Express Digital Graphics Inc.)

Heading out of T2 on the run (thanks for the pic Mom!)

Just a few steps from the finish line! 32 miles done. (another pic from Mom)

With Jessica and Kate after the race. (another pic from Mom)

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