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Why I Love Small Races

The sport of Triathlon continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Most estimates put the growth over the last 15 years at 500%! I’ve only been involved with the sport for five years and I’ve witnessed a boom, especially locally. Our Multisport Club, the Louisville Landsharks has grown from about two dozen members in 2009 […]

Weekend Double-Header

I’d be lying if I said that this weekend was going to be fun. I’m definitely excited about getting to race on back-to-back days, but it’s the nature of the races that will make them less than enjoyable. On Saturday morning, I will run the Anthem 5K for the sixth time.  This race is the […]

Polar Bear Triathlon Race Report

My 2014 season is official underway! Sunday was my first race of the season, a modified triathlon at Clear Creek Park in Shelbyville, KY. Our little glimpse into what Winter is like for Canadian’s continues and the bike portion of this Sprint Triathlon had to be cancelled due to concerns over ice on the roads. […]

2013 Season Recap

I haven’t really had a chance to look back at my 2013 calendar year, so I thought I should devote a post to it. I won’t bore you with all of my race results, you can always click on the tab at the top of the page to see results from every race I do. […]