Holiday Eating Tips

It’s pretty easy to go overboard and gain a few pounds over the next 5 weeks. It starts with Thanksgiving and then with the constant parties during December, there are way too many opportunities to either over-eat or eat junk that you normally wouldn’t. Don’t worry, I’m realistic – I know that completely staying away from sugars and processed carbs is not going to happen (if you can – good for you!). So with that in mind, here are a few practical tips for getting through the holidays…
  • Exercise – keeping up with your current workouts or even adding in a few over the holidays is never a bad idea. Sign up for a Turkey Trot race or even just take a walk with some family members before the big meal!
  • Focus on Your Fav’s – Before loading up your plate with a little bit of every casserole and pie on the table, look at the options and decide which ones your really want. We all have our favorite foods that we want to eat during the holidays, so just eat those. Maybe put a little bit of Grandma’s fruit cake on your plate so you don’t hurt her feelings!
  • Make Your Own – If you know a healthy alternative to a traditional food, make it and take it. Then give it a little extra real-estate on your plate (did you enjoy the multiple rhymes?)!
  • Eat Slowly – This is one that I struggle with. If you take the time to taste each bite, you are less
    likely to eat until you are stuffed. Once you start to feel full, stop eating.
  • Don’t Take Left Overs Home – Try to eat your normal, healthy diet for all of your non-holiday events. If you take home lots of left overs of less-than-healthy food, that means that you will have several more meals in the following days that are doing damage.
  • Don’t Starve Yourself – Some people like to not eat at all before a big meal. Like skipping breakfast and/or lunch on the day that you know you will have a big dinner. Don’t do this. In fact, I suggest that you eat a healthy meal or two before you belly-up to the table for a feast. Going long periods of time without eating and then stuffing yourself is a recipe for disaster.
  • Bitter Melon – Buy some Bitter Melon extract in pill form and pop a few before indulging in a large meal. It contains insulin-like properties and can really help in keeping your blood-sugar from spiking like it normally would after a meal full of carbs and sugars.
Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

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