Survey Book Winners

Thanks to everyone that filled out the survey. I look forward to reviewing the responses and tailoring my future content to meet your needs. As promised, I will be giving away a copy of my book The Balanced Approach to four people that responded prior to last night at midnight.

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer, the winners are:

Brett Cornell

Pete Eddington

Stacy Guthrie

April Woo

Congrats to our four winners! Check your inbox in the next few days on details for how to get your copy of the book. While I am proud of my athletic accomplishments, I am even more proud that I have developed a method of training that allows me to maintain focus on what is most important in my life: family, health, happiness, and work. This book is a current and complete set of training and lifestyle recommendations that I have developed.

It is my hope you will use these recommendations to achieve your own athletic goals and you will discover that you don’t have to sacrifice time with your friends and family to do it. By following the recommendations made in this book, you too can enjoy a balanced life, and also complete a full distance triathlon by training around seven hours a week.

Be sure and visit all of my sponsor’s websites. I sought out these companies because they provide great products and services.

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