Ironman Louisville is 33 Weeks Away

Ironman Louisville 2016 will be held on Sunday, October 9th. That is 33 weeks from this past Sunday.

Ironman-Louisville-LogoThat may seem like a long time, but if you want to be ready come race day, the work needs to start now (if it hasn’t already).

I’ve completed this race three times in five years and each time I followed a 36 week training plan. Over the course of the five years, I perfected the plan and got it to where it is now. A 36 weeks plan that can be completed with an average of just 7 hours a week of training. This seven hours includes swimming, biking, running and strength training.

Training just seven hours a weeks for a race like Ironman seems impossible, but I’ve done it and I know that it works.

Here’s my training log from the 36 weeks leading up to Ironman Louisville 2015.

IMLOU 2015 training durationAs you can see, my average week came out to by 6 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds…that’s pretty damn close to a 7 hour week!

Want to know what these workouts consisted of and what other aspects of life I changed to make it happened? Are you curious about how you can complete a full distance triathlon and still have time for family, friends and work? I have the answers! They are all in my book The Balanced Approach.

Let me tell you why I wrote the book. Because balance is the key to success and happiness, and balance is something that seems to be elusive in the world of triathlon. Because too many of my fellow triathletes fall victim to overuse and injury. Because relationships with the people they love suffer because they don’t have time to nourish them.

You see, when you only have to train seven hours a week, life becomes so much more fun. Your husband or wife doesn’t resent you anymore. Your kids get to take their rightful place as a priority in your life. Things feel right again. Balanced.

If you’re a triathlete who has been competing for 1-2 years and you want to take on the challenge of a full distance race like Ironman, my plan is absolutely for you.

And if you’ve already raced the full distance and you want to do it again, you will LOVE The Balanced Approach. Probably even more than those who haven’t done it yet, since you’ve suffered through high volume training and had a first hand account of the toll it takes on work, family and relationships.

book2Don’t worry about being a few weeks behind, you can start the plan at week three or four and still be ready come race day.

For those interested in learning more about the book, head over the the “shop” tab at the top of this page or just click on this link:

As a special offer to get you motivated, I’m going to give my blog readers a 20% discount off of the book by using the Discount Code “33weeks” when you checkout.

I never entertained the idea of a conventional training plan that called for 15-20 (or more) hours a week of training. I also never entertained the idea of giving up on my lofty athletic goals.

I don’t want you to give up on your goals, either!

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