The 5 Best Things You Can Eat Or Drink

Earlier this week I told you about the 5 things that I think are the worst to eat or drink. So to counter that, here are 5 things that I think you should try and eat as often as possible!

#5 Best Thing You Can Eat: MUSHROOMS

About 100 species of mushrooms are currently being studied for their health-promoting benefits. Of those hundred, about a half dozen really stand out for their ability to deliver a tremendous boost to your immune system.

It's important to eat only organically grown mushrooms because they absorb and concentrate whatever they grow in — good OR bad. This is what gives mushrooms their potency. Mushrooms are known to concentrate heavy metals, as well as air and water pollutants, so healthy growing conditions is a critical factor. Also, don’t go picking shrooms from your yard as most species are poisonous!

Mushrooms are becoming increasingly valuable tools in medicine, where research is finding that mushroom compounds can fight diseases such as breast cancer.

Look for Shiitake, Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake, Cremini/White Button and Himematsutake mushrooms.

#4 Best Thing You Can Eat: BONE BROTH

Bone broth is exceptionally healing for your gut, and contains a number of valuable nutrients that many people lack, in a form your body can easily absorb and use. All bone broths — beef, chicken, fish, lamb and more — are staples in the traditional diets of every culture and the basis of all fine cuisine.

Bone broth or stock was a way our ancestors made use of every part of an animal. Bones and marrow, skin and feet, tendons and ligaments that you can’t eat directly can be boiled and then simmered over a period of days. This simmering causes the bones and ligaments to release healing compounds like collagen, proline, glycine and glutamine that have the power to transform your health.

#3 Best Thing You Can Eat: WILD CAUGHT SALMON

So why Salmon and not other fish? It’s the omega-3 content and the fact that it’s high in protein. You’ll want to look specifically for Alaskan wild salmon to get the full amount of benefits, and make sure that you’re not eating smoked salmon as it does not have the same nutritional benefits as freshly caught and cooked.

The reason omega-3s are so important is that they provide vital support to your heart and circulatory system. Eating salmon also gives benefits in the form of increased memory function and a decrease in the likelihood of degenerative diseases like Alzheimers.

Since wild salmon eat what what’s available to them in nature, they have a more complete nutritional profile, with valuable micronutrients, fats, minerals (including magnesium, potassium, and selenium), vitamins (including all the B-vitamins), and antioxidants like astaxanthin.

Avoid farmed salmon, as they're fed an artificial diet consisting of grain products like corn and soy, chicken- and feather meal, artificial coloring, and synthetic astaxanthin — all of which negatively affects the nutritional profile.

#2 Best Thing You Can Eat: ORGANIC PASTURED EGGS

Overall, eggs are one of Nature's most perfect foods, they are inexpensive and loaded with high quality protein, healthy fats and cholesterol (it’s not an evil word), vitamins, and minerals.

But don’t throw out those egg yolks either. They are a rich source of the antioxidants

Proteins in cooked eggs are also converted by gastrointestinal enzymes, producing peptides that act as ACE inhibitors (common prescription medications for lowering blood pressure).

Despite their low calorie count, eggs are extremely filling, keeping you fuller for longer, which makes them a great breakfast option to keep you going until lunch time. Eggs can aid weight loss, increase good cholesterol and build stronger teeth and bones, as well as increasing brain health because of the omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B12 and D, and choline, which are all essential nutrients for a functioning brain.

#1 Best Thing You Can Eat: AVOCADOS

If you’re not already a fan of avocados, you should try adding more of it into your life. I usually eat one a day in one form or another. There’s no need to buy these organic since you don’t eat the skin. It can also be a little tricky to pick the right ones and then consume them before they go bad.

One of the most referenced benefits of avocado is their amounts of healthy monounsaturated fat. These healthy fats actually help you to lose fat and feel fuller longer.

I hope that you are able to incorporate some of these into your diet if you aren't already. A quick Google search with give you tons of ideas of how to prepare these amazing gifts from nature!​

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Wishing you optimal health and peak performance,

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