Wetsuits. What’s the deal?

So the Tri Indy was the first triathlon I participated in where wetsuits were allowed for the swim portion. I had heard a lot about people using them in open water swims, but to me, I thought of them as just something else to slow you down in T1. After all, it’s not easy getting […]

"You’re going to swim in the river?"

KRAMER: Well my swimming pool problems are solved. I just found myself miles and miles of open lanes. JERRY: What is that smell? KRAMER: That’s East River. JERRY: You’re swimming in the East River? The most heavily trafficked overly contaminated waterway on the eastern seaboard? KRAMER: Technically Norfolk has more gross tonnage. JERRY: How could […]

A little perspective…

After months of training, race day has now come and gone. While I’m not completely satisfied with my performance, I’ve put some things in perspective the last 48 hours. I competed in my first triathlon just over a year ago with very little preparation. Most of my swim during that first race was spent doing […]

The Good, The Bad and The Stupid

Actual finish times: Swim: 00:36:58 (43rd out of 54 in my age group)T1: 00:01:44 (10th out of 54)Bike: 01:09:37 (7th out of 54)T2: 00:01:22 (16th out of 54)Run: 01:00:19 (36th out of 54) Total: 02:50:02 (30th out of 54) So my times we’re exactly on par with my goals…but regardless of how hard you train, […]

Tri Indy in the books!

So I didn’t reach my goal for overall time. I finished with a time of 02:50:02, which is around 15 minutes slower than I had hoped. I could have probably shaved about 8-9 minutes off of this time with a better swim and run, but obviously my overall goal time was a little lofty.Even though […]

Ready to go!

Just finished up a nice dinner in downtown Indy with Jessica, Sona and Dave. Heding to bed soon. Morning comes at 4:30 tomorrow. I visited the race site earlier and checked out the transition area and drove the bike course. Course is pretty flat, but roads are not in the best shape. Can’t wait for […]

Setting goals

I’m a firm believer in setting goals, both in my professional and personal life. I’m a good self-motivator, but having a goal for myself and telling others what my goals are gets me though those tough days. It’s risky, if I don’t accomplish my goal, then everyone knows. On the other hand, if I never […]

Training is complete!

Today was my last day of training before Sunday’s triathlon. Tomorrow will be a rest day and I will probably run a little once I get to the race site to pick up my packet on Saturday. I spent 25 minutes in the pool this morning doing some interval work. 400 yard warm-up6 x 100 […]

The taper continues

Short brick this morning wearing the tri suit. 8 miles on the bike, followed by a 2 mile run. Bike ran smooth after the tune-up, I sure can tell that the rear breaks were adjusted! Tri suit felt good on the bike and run, so we’re a go for wearing it on Sunday.Last night I […]

Easy run

This morning was spent doing some interval running on the track at the gym followed by some light weights. My intervals were pretty simple: 1 mile warm-up run (14 laps of the track at the gym) at my race pace 4 laps (.285 miles – yes, I know, it’s a weird distance) at 90% effort […]